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Meet Adam!


Adam lives in NC with his wife and son. He is an introvert and generally prefers the company of Netflix and video games to interacting with humans, (unless he's conning them out of money while playing poker). He's absurdly competitive and has a growing collection of board/party/card games. He loves spaghetti so much Chase calls him "Pasta." Adam is the skeptic of the duo and requires lots of irrefutable evidence before he's willing to agree with anything Chase says. 

Meet Chase!


Chase lives in VA with his beautiful wife and daughter. A reformed frat boy, he's a semi-responsible adult who works in IT security and is working to finish his graduate degree. He's into craft beer, wine, and good food. Chase once stole Adam's school supplies in elementary school and Adam will never let him forget it. Chase is on a mission to beat Adam at all things, with an emphasis on darts and poker. Chase is a low-key conspiracy theorist who believes we are probably living in a simulated universe. For more on that, check out Episode 1. 

Meet Allison


Allison helps the team with the production of the show. Adam is a lucky enough bastard to be able to call her wife. She has a MSW and is a former therapist who specialized in working with adolescents and survivors of domestic violence. She's taking a break from trying to save the world to raise her son. She helps with the social media accounts, extra content, artwork, and instigating arguments. You'll hear her pipe up occasionally to tell the guys when they're being dumb. 

Meet our Friends

Meet Miles!


Miles is a guest host on Episodes 7 & 7.5: JFK Assassination. He has a BA in legal studies and is about to start law school. He works tirelessly as a lead bankruptcy paralegal and at annoying his wife and 3 children. His interest in conspiracy theories extends beyond JFK, and he'll happily debate anyone about anything at any given time. He enjoys gaming, reading, football, and coaches his kid's softball team. 

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