Season 2

Episode 16: Time


This episode is all about the concept of time. We explore the measurement of time throughout history, human v. animal perception of time, illusions of time, and the concept of time travel. The vibe of this episode is a little different than what you've heard before, because *spoiler alert* we don't really argue about anything! 


Episode 17: Near Death Experiences


Why are stories of survival and close encounters with death so fascinating to us? Is it because it helps us appreciate the fragility of humans and our time on this planet? Maybe it’s because we all seek to understand what happens to us after we die, and we think stories from survivors can provide clues to what awaits us all? Whatever our reasoning, it’s clear we find these stories fascinating. In this episode, we talk about some of the strangest stories of survival we could find. While a bit ambitious, we also wanted to talk about near death experiences and explore what, if anything, happens in the human mind after clinical death. If you listen to this and have your own story to share, please reach out to us! We’d love to feature you on a follow up episode!

Near Death Experiences

Episode 18: Scientology


Religion or cult?  Scientology is a relative newcomer to the religious scene but what exactly is it all about and what do Scientologists believe?  In this episode, we take a look at these questions and a lot more.


Episode 19: (Not) Fake News 2nd ed.


Hot off the presses is (Not) Fake News - 2nd Edition.  We take another look at some stranger than fiction headlines and the stories behind them.  If you have a story you want us to hear, let us know!

Not Fake News

Season 1: 2018

Episode 1: Simulation Theory


How sure are you that you are real? Is it possible that you are just a line of code coexisting with billions of other lines of code in a world designed by people living hundreds of thousands of years from our perception of now? Sound crazy? In our first podcast we have a couple beers and start talking about simulation theory, a concept generally accepted as plausible by some of the smartest minds of our lifetime. Grab a cold one and join us as we consider the possibility that nothing is as it appears.

Simulation Theory

Episode 2: Strange Medicine


At some point we’ve all heard about some weird medical practices of the past, right? We’ve heard horror stories about lobotomies, blood letting, and how “humors” were thought to impact mental health. If that’s what you’re here for, sorry, that’s NOT what we are going to be talking about. Don’t get us wrong, we thought this was all fascinating but we wanted to know more about some of the lesser known practices and what impact they’ve had on modern medicine. We wanted to go where no podcast has gone before, probably...we’re honestly not sure. Our research took us down an unsuspected and rather shitty path, literally. 

Strange Medicine

Episode 3: Illuminati


What do lizard people, Beyoncé, and the cast of Boy Meets World have in common? The Illuminati of course, or at least that’s what the conspiracy theorists on the internet tell us. In this episode, we summarize all we’ve learned about the Illuminati and share the evidence (or lack thereof) and our conclusions with you. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject!


Episode 4: (Not) Fake News


We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty tired of hearing about fake news. We’ve been talking about it for a couple years now and we’ve had enough. So in this episode we wanted to shine some light on a handful of REAL stories that might sound fake. We’re not saying these stories are particularly news worthy, but we find them entertaining and we think you will too.

(Not) Fake News

Episode 5: Mandela Effect


Do you remember the Berenstein Bears or the Berenstain Bears?

Is it “mirror mirror on the wall’ or “magic mirror on the wall”? Either way, Chase is not the fairest of them all, that’s for sure.

Do you remember the 90’s cult classic Shazam starring Sinbad? Would you be surprised to learn this movie was never produced (at least not in this timeline)?

In this episode we dive head first into exploring the phenomenon of the Mandela Effect. We ask ourselves if this widespread misremembering is a result of internal flaws of the memory OR is this a side effect of multiple timelines, parallel universes, or time travel. 

Mandela Effect

Episode 6: Oak Island


The mysteries surrounding Oak Island, Nova Scotia are the things childhood dreams are made of. Pirates, curses, prophecies, buried treasure, and medieval knights are just some of the lore associated with this place. In this episode we attempt to provide an overview of what’s happened there over the last 200 years, and give our take on the popular theories presented.

Oak Island

Episode 7: JFK


***Please note: we had some audio difficulties on our guest host’s line during the beginning of this episode. Please hang in there because it improves as the episode goes on!***

The assassination of JFK remains one of the most controversial conspiracy topics, even 55 years after his passing. According to author Vincent Bugliosi “At one time or another, those who doubt the lone gunman theory have accused 42 groups, 82 assassins and 214 people of being involved in the assassination.” In this episode, we have a guest host join us to tackle just a few of these theories. In a shocking twist our beloved hosts do a little body swap as Adam plays the role of the conspiracy theorist while Chase buys into the government’s propaganda. Which side are you on? We’d love to hear your theories! Special thanks to Miles for joining us for this discussion and to the participants who agreed to be interviewed. Make sure you listen until the end. 


7.5 JFK Bonus Episode



We couldn’t stop at just an hour on recording night so we kept talking about JFK’s assassination...for about another hour! This bonus content you’re about to hear is the (mostly) unedited conversation that followed after we closed out our last episode. We would love to hear your theory on who assassinated JFK!

JFK: Bonus Episode

Episode 8: Strange Laws


We’re taking a brief hiatus from some of our more controversial discussions to talk about something we can probably all agree on. Some laws are just plain strange. And by strange, we mean kinda stupid, a possible waste of tax dollars, and a probable waste of lawmaker’s time. In this episode, we explore some of the lesser known strange laws, some of their origins, and possible implications. And let’s just have a come to Jesus moment real quick. We know this may be hard to hear, nobody likes to be criticized; but we want to encourage you all to do your community/state/country a favor by using a little common sense so politicians don’t have to waste their time telling us not to lick toads or poach Sasquatch. C’mon people! We can do better than that.

Strange Laws

Episode 9: Bigfoot


Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Skunk Ape, Abominable Snowman...there are almost as many names for this creature as there are theories on where it exists and how it remains elusive. In this episode, we explore where the Bigfoot stories began, how they’ve evolved over time, and what we think the chances are that the creature does in fact, exist. ***Spoiler alert*** As with most things, we disagree on almost all of this. However, we can agree on at least one thing; the continued belief in such a creature and the culmination of resources dedicated to it in the absence of concrete evidence, is definitely a notion that is bewildering and, you guessed it, strange.


Episode 10: Creepy Kids


There are two things in the world that scare Adam, clowns and creepy children. In this episode, Chase and Allison team up to curate a horrifying collection of real-life accounts of creepy kids just to scare Adam. He doesn't know anything about the stories he will be presented with. *Spoiler alert* The plan backfires and Chase ends up being the one sleeping with a nightlight and Adam might just be a believer for once. We hope you enjoy our first Halloween themed episode!

Creepy Kids

Episode 11: Mummies


Continuing with our Halloween theme, in this episode, we are talking about mummies. While potentially the least scary antagonist portrayed in horror movies, they are surprisingly “creepy” in real life. Speaking of creepy, if you correctly tally the number of times we say creepy in this episode and let us know, we’ll send you a sticker or magnet (while supplies last). 


Episode 12: Vampires

female mouth with vampire fangs

In our final Halloween-themed episode, we take a look at the staple - Vampires.  These beings are main stays in today's popular culture, but do our hosts believe?  As with most topics, there is disagreement.  Explore the potential origin stories, different types of vampires, and more with us to close out this "creepy" holiday season.


Episode 13: Classifieds


In this episode, Chase and Adam explore everyone's favorite way to buy used goods, sell your crap, find a job, and fall in love...we're talking about good ole' classified ads. These ads aren't limited to your local paper anymore! For better or for worse, we have at our fingertips an infinite network of fellow consumers (via sites like Craigslist and Ebay) with whom we can execute a variety of transactions. We decided to take a look at some of the more bizarre ads lurking in the classifieds...advertisements so absurd, you might call them stranger than fiction. 


Episode 14: Dreams


In our final regular episode of the season, we talk about dreams. Not our hopes and plans for the future kind of dreams. We're talking about the manifestations of our subconscious (or our imagination depending on who you're asking). We talk about whether or not our dreams mean anything in the waking world, how to improve memory of dreams, and the elusive and intriguing notion of lucid dreaming. Many thanks to some of our friends who made special contributions by sharing some of their strange dreams.  You will hear their contributions during the opening and closing of this episode.  In other news, Chase is cranky and probably stayed up too late recording this. 


Season 1 Finale


Tune in Saturday, December 1st at 8PM EST for our LIVE finale. We'll be answering your questions, recapping season 1, and addressing some comments we've had about past episodes. We can't wait to talk to you! Clink the link below to be redirected to our Facebook page where we'll be streaming. 

Season Finale